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Metal Roof FAQs

How do you pronounce ArYe Able? Where does the name come from?

The company name is a play on the Christian hymn: Are Ye Able Said the Master to be crucified with me. The name is pronounced: are ye able. It identifies the company as being dedicated to God’s glory and it also gets it close to the front in the yellow pages.


Are you insured?

ArYe Able Roofing Co. Inc. currently carries a $2,000,000(aggregate)/$1,000,000(each occurrence) general liability policy, a $1,000,000 umbrella policy, plus a $1,000,000 workman’s compensation policy.


Do you install roofs?

We repair existing commercial metal roofs. Sometimes this involves replacing a few metal panels, but we do not install entire roofs.


Do you guarantee your work?

Of course it always depends on the circumstances but frequently we will warranty our workmanship (the work itself, not just the materials). This means that we agree to repair at our cost and expense leaks at specified locations for a specified period of time.


Do you work on shingled roofs? What about built-up roofs?

ArYe Able Roofing Co. Inc. specializes in the repair and reconditioning of commercial metal roofs. We occasionally work on single ply and built-up roofs.  We usually leave the shingle roof repairs to others.


You advertise yourselves as a commercial roofer; do you do any residential work?

We seldom do residential work.  Our niche is the commercial market.


Why do you specialize in metal roof repair?

Although we occasionally do repair other types of commercial roofs, we try to seek-out what we are really good at.  We do not install roofs because installation is really an entirely different business, requiring different personnel and equipment.


My metal roof is leaking and someone told me that it needs to be coated; is that right?

While coating a roof may stop some small leaks; that is not its primary purpose and may not even be the result.  Most metal roofs are made from steel and are coated primarily to protect it from the elements (stop it from rusting).  They are usually “pre-treated” before coating to ensure that leaks are stopped/prevented.  An uncoated roof will eventually totally rust away and will have to be replaced. Coating a roof protects the steel panels from contact with moisture and oxygen (the sources of corrosion) and it also usually lowers the temperature of the roof and the building (lowering cooling costs). Eventually every metal roof does need to be coated, but prematurely coating a roof is a very expensive way to fix a few small leaks.  If the roof is relatively new (i.e. not rusting and less than ten to fifteen years old), frequently a much less expensive leak repair will suffice.


When is it time to coat my metal roof?

If from the ground you see rust on the roof it is time to coat the roof.  But, beyond that, look at the fasteners. Typically, the metal panels will first rust around the fasteners.


If my metal roof is leaking; why shouldn’t I call just any roofing contractor for repairs?

There are numerous types of roofs and roof products on the market. And, it is difficult for a roofing contractor and his employees to be expert at everything. Some generic roofing contractors know how to properly repair metal roofs; others do not.  Also, many contractors are more interested in replacing your roof than in helping you keep/maintain the one that you already own.