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Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Metal roofs are low maintenance roofs, but that does NOT mean “no” maintenance. If maintained, a metal roof will provide weather protection from 50 to a 100 years or even longer. However, that is only “if” it is maintained. A roof has a hard life. Besides ultraviolet radiation, a roof experiences wind, blistering heat, freezing cold, daily dew, hail, ice, and even acid rain. It undergoes a thermal expansion/contraction cycle every day. Furthermore, often debris is blown or thrown onto it. And, occasionally it even gets shot.

This simply means that leaks will developed and the roof will slowly deteriorate and fail if these issues are ignored. Periodically, fasteners must be tightened and caulked, holes must be patched, vent pipe boots must be resealed, skylights must be cleaned or replaced, and steel panels must be recoated to prevent rust (the Achilles heel of steel roofs).

We specialize in commercial metal roof leak repair. We have been doing this for over a decade and have successfully repaired over a thousand roof leaks.