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Commercial Industrial Metal Roofing

For the last thousand years, metal roofs have been considered the best roofs money could buy (there are cathedrals and palaces standing today with metal roofs hundreds of years old). And, over the long run, modern metal roofs are still the most cost effective roofs on the market. This is because, they do not require a lot of maintenance and, if maintained, they “can” last for decades.

Most modern metal roofs are made of steel (Yesteryear’s copper, tin, and lead roofs are too expensive for commercial use today). And, typically, these steel sheets are thin and long and strong. This makes them relatively inexpensive to manufacture and install. However, there is a catch, “long” amplifies the thermal expansion and contraction issue (metal panels of yesteryear tended to be very short), and, “thin steel” introduces the corrosion issue (metal panels of yesteryear did not corrode). Therefore, while today’s metal roofs are strong and affordable; they also require more maintenance than yesteryear’s hand manufactured-short sheet-soft non-corrosive metal panels.